Licenced and ready to deal with insurance claims

When you’ve got an electrical or solar issue that requires an insurance claim, you can be confident that the team at Act Now Energy Solutions are fully licensed and ready to assist. In fact, over the years, we’ve helped countless families and businesses to get their power back up as quickly as possible and with minimal hassle even in the midst of some of the worst weather events Queensland has to offer. 

We understand how important it is to your family and your business to have your electrical and solar systems promptly and safely restored to Australian Standards. We will work with you to minimise the damage and reduce downtime (which is particularly crucial for business owners) and we won’t take advantage of your situation. Our insurance claim jobs are charged out at the same competitive rates as our regular work. 

We begin by providing a prompt response to your call out and arriving on time, offering expert advice on what needs to be done and keeping you informed every step of the way. Then we’ll put our knowledge and skill to work to provide quality workmanship on all types of insurance work including electrical fittings, air-conditioning, hot water systems, fire alarms and smoke detectors, photo-voltaic cells, and solar panel and inverter repairs or replacement. Before you know it, you’ll be back to enjoying the benefits that a reliable power system brings to running your business and enjoying your home.

Need help with an electrical insurance damage report?

As fully licensed contractors every member of our team is qualified to conduct work on insurance claims, so you’re confident that when you trust us with the job, you’re getting the professional advice and quality workmanship that is so crucial to safely and efficiently restoring power to your home or business.

What’s more, some insurance companies require an electrician to complete part of the insurance claims form or submit a separate electrical insurance damage report as part of their claims process. Our team is qualified to assist you with these forms and any questions you may have regarding the role of electricians in insurance claims. Be sure to contact your insurer to assist you in determining what is covered by your policy and what their claims procedure entails.

Solar System Warranties and Claims

All our solar systems are of the highest quality and are backed by a comprehensive warranty on products and installation. It is important to note that the warranties become void if the solar system is not properly maintained and serviced by an accredited installer. Talk to us about a maintenance plan to protect your investment.

The following are the types of things are covered by the warranty, however we strongly recommend that you refer to the warranty documents of your particular product for full details:

  1.  Products are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and use in accordance with the respective Product user manual, during the Warranty Period (defined below).
  2. Workmanship carried out to install or service the product and any accessories included in the installation.
  3. All products included in the installation and its associated operation.
  4. The warranty period is usually five years, however it is important to check your particular product warranty documents.

Please contact our friendly team if you have any questions regarding warranties and claims on your solar system.

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