Down Lights

Get the lighting right in your reception area, meeting rooms, offices or boardroom with modern downlight solutions.

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LED Upgrades

LED bulbs are better for the environment, cost less to run, last longer, and give better light, upgrade today and experience the difference.

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Outdoor Security Lighting

Get reliable, external security lighting solutions to protect your assets and light up outdoor areas for better site security after-hours.

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Smoke Alarms

Be confident that your business is protected and compliant with the latest fire safety requirements. We inspect and install fire and smoke alarms for small and large sites.

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Electrical Fittings

Protect your business and rest assured that your electrical fittings are safe, secure, and comply with the latest electrical safety codes.

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Electrical Safety

We service businesses to maintain their electrical safety and compliance. This includes Test & tag withregisters, RCD safety switch compliances and thermal camera inspections.

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