Brisbane’s Solar Specialists

With hundreds of successful solar installations under our name we are proud to be the industry leader when it comes to solar installations throughout SEQ and Northern NSW.

Our team of Solar specialists and inspectors ensure that every solution is installed to the highest standard providing you with a solar system that meets your every requirement.

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Angled Solar array Installation
  • Solar Battery Back Systems
  • Inverter Upgrades
  • Ground mounted Solar solutions
  • Bird and Possum proofing

Why Upgrade To Solar?

In short, there’s no better way to power your business. When you consider that even simple commercial solar installations will pay for themselves within three short years, there’s no question of whether solar energy is a smart investment in your business’s future.

Our state-of-the-art solar panels, professionally installed on your rooftop, harvest energy from the sun during the daylight hours. This is turned into direct current electricity which passes through a converter to become alternating current electricity for use in your business, factory or warehouse. If like most companies, your business operates mainly during the day, you’ll be using this power and will avoid having to pay for power as long as your solar energy system can keep up with the energy demands of your business.

If you use more power than your solar panels generate, or you need to operate at night time when the solar system cannot produce power, the system will automatically purchase additional power from the grid. If you generate more power than you need, your system will automatically sell that power to your energy provider, and this is credited to your account.

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